What is Breakfast? importance of breakfast in your daily life.


Breakfast means breaking the fast. It Is a meal after waking up from the night sleep, it will make you feel good and impart the energy to kickstart Your day. It stimulates your metabolism and helps to burn your calories and keeps you stay focused at your workplace or school.

Coming to the Indian Breakfast there are many varieties loaded with nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and fibre, etc. there are a number of various options according to the different regions and cultures in India. now we got to know what is breakfast, now let’s find out the importance of it in your daily life.

Importance of Breakfast in your daily life:

  • Breakfast Is a very important meal of the day which you shouldn’t skip.
  • It will help you improve your memory, concentration, and keeps you happy.
  • Not skipping breakfast has its own benefits, it can help you reduce your weight, controls blood pressure, diabetes, and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

How to plan your daily breakfast properly:

  • Always keep your whole week plan ready in the prior week itself,
  • It will be easy for you not to think about what to cook each and every single day.
  • And include all those dishes that everyone enjoys.
  • Pick up the recipes which are easy to cook and takes less time to prepare.
  • To prepare your Breakfast easily
  • Be ready with you prep, one day prior itself like soaking and grinding.

what is the typical breakfast in india?

With the delicacies like idli, dosa, Poori, Mysore Bajji, aloo parathas, and Poha etc. It is no wonders that Indians like to prefer eating a hot breakfast.

In south India, breakfast are commonly made by rice based dishes.

From the kitchens all over India, I have penned down a few of the popular Indian breakfast dishes down below:

first, we will see south Indian dishes they are idli, dosa, Rava uppma, medu vada, aapam, idiyappam and putty. And in north Indian dishes, we will see Poha, chole bhature, masala omelette, roti, aloo paratha, vada pav, dal kachori, channa kulcha. These are the few Indian delicacies.

south Indian Dishes:

Idli or Idly

Idli or Idly:

  • It is a type of savoury rice cake. It is the most popular Breakfast dish of whole south India. The rice cakes are made in a steaming process. The batter of idli consists of fermented black lentils and rice. Idli is served hot with many varieties of chutneys (coconut chutney, tomato chutney, peanut chutney) and with sambar (lentils soup).


  • It’s a crepe made from rice and lentils batter which are soaked in water over the night in room temperature.
  • It’s blended into a smooth batter and salt is added
  • Now the batter is ready to make crispy dosas.
  • It is served hot with many varieties of chutneys (coconut chutney, tomato chutney, peanut chutney) and with sambar (lentils soup).


  • It is very heavy Breakfast as it is made from Whole wheat flour, salt and water, the dough is mixed softly and pressed into round small Chapatis and deep-fried in oil and served hot with aloo korma or aloo Chana masala curry.
Rava Uppuma

Rava Uppma:

  • It is cream of wheat-based Breakfast, uppma is a very easy Breakfast dish and served hot with tender coconut chutney and sambar.
Medu Vada

Medu Vada:

  • urad dal-based Breakfast, vada are deep fat fry too crisp and served hot with chutney and sambar.


  • Its made in aapa Kadai.
  • the batter is made from fermented rice and served hot with spicy chicken curry or sweet coconut milk.


  • this is very light Breakfast easy to digest,
  • It is a steamed rice noodle.
  • Served hot with spicy chicken curry and cardamom flavoured coconut milk.
Puttu with Kadala Curry


  • This is a steam rice cake which is very popular in Kerala, it is coconut in flavour and served hot with kadala curry, egg curry and bananas.

North Indian dishes:



  • It is a very quick and easy breakfast dish to make in the mornings.
  • Its flattened rice, flavoured with spices, lemon, curry leaves, cooked with onions and potatoes.
Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature:

  • This Breakfast dish is straight from Punjab’s kitchen,
  • The dish is like a Poori (bhature), served hot with chole (chickpeas curry),
  • The combination is very unique.
Masala Omelette
Masala Omelette, Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Masala Omelette:

  • usually made with a combination of eggs, onions, tomatoes and spices. Served hot with some sliced onions.


  • Its flat wheat bread made with a mix of wheat flour, salt and water, served hot with vegetable curries or dal thadka.
Aloo paratha

Aloo Paratha:

  • Its a potato stuffed whole wheat bread served with vegetable curry and yoghurt sauce.
How to make vada pav
Vada Pav, pic by

Vada Pav:

  • Its a vegetarian fast-food breakfast dish of Maharashtra consists of deep-fried potato dumplings placed inside a bread bun sliced half through the middle and usually spelt as vada pao, Wada pav or Wada pao.
Dal Kachori

Dal Kachori:

  • It is very easy to make the most loved North Indian dish from Rajasthan.
  • Served hot with aloo Ki Sabzi.
Channa Kulcha

Channa Kulcha:

  • This dish is easy to make and always a hit Breakfast in the north, Channa is a light gravy and served with soft kulchas.

Let me know in the comment section if I have to add any other popular dishes of any other regions. please do like and follow my page and show your support.

Let me know in comments If you have tried it at Your home ?

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