Best Onam Sadhya Dishes and Special Recipes

Before we learn Onam Sadhya Dishes and Special Recipes, Let’s get to know what is Onam.

Onam Sadhya, Photo by Aneesh K from Pexels

What is Onam?

  • The highlight of the festival is an elaborate meal call Onam sadhya.
  • Onam is one of popular Kerala’s festival which is celebrated for 10 days.
  • The 10 days harvest festival began on 22nd of august and ends on 2nd September.
  • During this period people in Kerala commemorate the homecoming of the mythical king mahabali.
  • Apart from flowers rangoli and power-packed boat races, there are many more events organised.
  • They are tiger dances, worship, tug of war, women’s dance, mask dances, folk song and dance, martial arts, plantain offerings, and costumes.
  • It is a New Year Day for Malayali people.
  • Onam is an official festival of Kerala with Public holidays that start four days from uthradom which is Onam Eve.

What is onam Sadhya?

The festival Onam Sadhya which in Malayalam means banquet.

It’s a delicious multi-course vegetarian meal that has almost 24 different variety of dishes served on a gigantic banana leaf.

You need to enjoy without any cutlery, traditionally and usually eating by sitting on the floor.

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Onam Sadhya Dishes list:

  • This is the list of Special Dishes for Onam sadhya.
  • Salt, Papadam, Nendran banana, chips, upperi, Puli inji, Pickle, Olan, Kalan, Erissery, Pulissery, Avial, Kootu curry, Thoran, Mezhukkupuratti, Pachadi, Kichadi.
Onam Sadhya,

And in the center of leaf :

  • Rice, Parippu curry, ghee, Sambar, Moru curry, Ulli theeyal, rasam, Sambaram, Parippu pradhaman, Paal Payasam varieties on the highest corner.
  • Out of all these special Onam Sadhya dishes am going to share

10 best Onam Sadhya dishes recipes down below:


Kalan Curry, Pic from
  • This a delicious curry made using buttermilk, mustard seeds, coconut, raw banana and other spices. Kalan Kerala Curry is a traditional Onam Sadhya Dishes.


Olan Curry, Pic from
  • It’s a delicious curry create with white pumpkin ( ash gourd or kumbalanga ), cowpeas ( red lobia or chawli )  and coconut milk.
  • It’s a great dish to make it on Onam sadhya dishes.


Paal Payasam, Pic from
  • The festival Onam sadhya dishes is incomplete without a dessert, and payasam gives you the completeness for the whole meal.
  • Onam sadhya has different kinds of payasam but today I will share the basic and a simple one.
Pulissery, Pic from
  • This is a simple and very popular dish made with ash gourd or cucumber along with buttermilk, grated coconut and spices. This one of the Onam Sadhya Dishes.
  • Serve the Pulissery with Rice or roti.
Thenga Choru:
Thenga Choru, Image by Constanze Riechert-Kurtze from Pixabay
  • Traditional Thenga choru is a bowl of tasty coconut rice with urad dal, cashew nuts, chillies and along with some spices with a tang of lemon.
Pachadi, Pic from
  • It’s a light and wonderful blend of coconut, curd, pineapple combined with fiery chillies and spices. Served with rice or roti.
Avail Curry, Pic from
  • It’s a delicious dish which is created with potatoes, carrots, raw banana, drumsticks, beans and raw mango.
  • Serve the traditional and Onam Sadhya Dishes with Kerala rice.
Kadala curry:
Kadala Curry, Pic from
  • This is authentic Malabar curry, made with black channa and array of spices. It’s a smooth gravy served with Rice or dishes like appam or idiyappam.
Rasam :
Rasam, Pic from
  • It is made with lots of pepper and tomatoes, it has got a thin consistency is a great combination with any south Indian meal.
  • Serve rasam with steamed rice or as soup.
Kootu Curry:
Kootu Curry, Pic from
  • Kootu Curry is a thick curry made with vegetables and Legumes. The vegetables that are added in this curry are yam, ash gourd, carrots, snake gourd, pumpkins and plantains.
  • And the legumes used are black chickpeas, Bengal gram. Kootu Curry is one of the most important dishes of Onam Sadhya Feast.

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