Navratri Vrat Recipes | Easy Navratri Vrat Recipes.

Navratri Vrat Recipes | Easy Navaratri Vrat Recipes – Is a celebration of nine days. Here are 10 best Vrat Recipes that you can prepare on the Navratri festival, which is also known Dussehra.

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Everything here in India is unique, Be the language, food, culture and the attire may vary, depending on which part of India region we belong to.

It is no surprise that the way of worshipping changes according to diversified customs and rituals, by giving that regional touch.

The message conveyed in the form of worship may vary, but be the same.

Navratri Vrat Recipes
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The word Navratri means nine nights in Sanskrit, Nava means nine and Ratri means nights.

During these nine nights, people worship the goddess in nine different forms. Now let’s check out the brief different ways of celebrating Navratri across India.

Celebrating Navratri In Northern India:

In Northern India, people celebrate Navratri as the victory of Lord Rama over the evil king Ravana.

Which is also know as celebrations of Ramlila, is enchanted ceremoniously during Dussehra.

On this day, people burn the effigies of Ravana and Kumbhakarna to celebrate the victory of Lord Rama over the evil forces on Vijaya Dashami day.

These nine days are busy with special poojas, yagnas, Thomas, fastings, and many more.

During these days of fasting, people only consume Satvik food, we have special Navratri Vrat recipes.

Celebrating Navratri in Western India:

In Western India, people Celebrate Navratri with famous Garba and Dandiya-Raas Dance. Especially in the state of Gujarat.

Garba which is a graceful form of dance, Women dance gracefully in circles around a pot which contains a lamp which symbolically represents life within a womb.

The word Garba or Garbha means womb.

besides Garba is the dandiya dance in which men and women both participate in pairs with small decorated bamboo sticks called dandiyas in their hands.

More then poojas, we will find playing Garba, people from every society or a club will organise in Gujarat. They Consume Satvik food from Navratri Vrat Recipes

Celebrating Navratri in Eastern India:

In North-Eastern part of India especially West Bengal, people celebrate Navratri as goddess Durga Pooja.

They decorate Goddess Durga with various weapons in her hand and riding on a lion. The lion signifies the dharma, the will power,

while the weapons meant for focus and severity needed to destroy the negativity in our minds.

These five days of puja are meat to rest, family and going to different Durga Pooja pandals, Each with a different theme and vibes.

After the pooja they consume satvik food chosen from Navratri Vrat Recipe.

Celebrating Navratri in southern India:

In southern India, Navratri is celebrated as the victory of Shakthi over the demon Mahishasura.

This is the time to invite friends, relatives and neighbours over to look at kolu, call as Bommala Koluvu in Telugu.

Navratri is also referred as Dasara , a night-long Dance in the form of epic dramas from puranas are enacted during the nine nights of Navratri Festival.

In many parts of South India on the Mahanavami Day, people Conduct Ayudha Puja.

People Decorate and worship with Agricultural implements, all kinds of tools, books, musical instruments, equipment’s, machinery and automobiles,

on this day along with the worshipping of goddess Sarasvati.

During the Navratri Festival, devotees keep fasting and only consume satvik food, and have Navratri Special Recipes. So, I have Shared 10 Best Navratri Vrat Recipes | Fasting Recipes down below.

Embrace the joy of the festival with the 10 best of our Fasting recipes | Vrat Ka Khana.

1.Sabudana Khichdi:
Navratri Vrat Recipes
Sabudana Khichdi
  • Is a pilaf or Pulao cook using sago ( tapioca pearls ), Its a vegan and a gluten-free recipe, which is extremely a very popular dish in India.
  • During the fasting season of Navratri or Mahashivratri.
  • filled up with starch or carbohydrates which gives you enough and needed energy boost when fasting.
2.Kuttu Ka Dosa:
Navratri Vrat Recipes
Kuttu Ka Dosa
  • It is a Buckwheat Crepes from Kuttu Ka Atta ( Buckwheat Flour ), Arbi spices and water. Serve Kuttu Ka Dosa with Aloo.
  • No more boring Vrat Ka Khaana with lots of oil.
  • This potato-filled dosa and the batter made using the Kuttu Flour ( buckwheat flour ).
  • And colocation is going to be a great option for the people, who want to avoid eating Kuttu in deep-fried Kuttu Atta Ke pooris.
3.Aloo Ki Kadhi:
Navratri Vrat Recipes
Aloo Ki Kadhi
  • It is a soothing flavour curry which is light and lovely. This is a curry of potatoes, chillies, Sour curd and Singhare ( water chestnut ) Ka atta.
  • This is a great recipe for the Navratri Festival Fast. Soak in the delicious, tasty Aloo Ki Kadhi with diced potato cubes dipped in it. This is Great lunch during the Navratri Festival.
4.Singhare Atta Ka Samosa:
Navratri Vrat Recipes
Singhare Ke Samosa
  • Samosas are the all-time favourite tea time Snack, But only this time it is made with Singhare Ka atta ( water chestnut flour ). we can feast on these while fasting.
  • Prepare Singhare ke atta ki samosas using water chestnut flour, Chironji, arrowroot, Sendha namak along with many other spices.
  • The crispy crust and the soft and delicious filling will make anyone fall in love.
5.Arbi Kofta:
Navratri Vrat Recipes
Arbi Kofta
  • This is a perfect tea time snack during Navratri festival. This is one of the most popular and well-liked snacks of current trending meals in the world.
  • This snack is a delight in by millions every single day. It is a very easy, quick and delicious snack. They look wonderful, delicious and mouth-watering.

6.Chawal Dhokla:

Navratri Vrat Recipes
Chawal Dhokla
  • It is a healthy and flavorful savoury steamed cake made using Samvat Chawal ( Special rice used during Navratri Festival season ).
  • And tempered with whole red chillies, cumin, ghee and curry leaves.
  • Sama Chawal Dhokla or rice dhokla recipe is very light, spongy and flavourful. It is a gluten-free lip-smacking Navratri Vrat Recipe.
7.Makhana Kheer:
Navratri Vrat Recipes
Makhana Kheer
  • Phool Makhana Kheer is a dessert which is often made during vrat festivals like Navratri, Mahashivratri or Ekadasi.
  • Prepare this creamy makhana kheer using fox nuts, milk, sugar and dry fruits. You can also make Makhana Kheer with Jaggery or you can make Makhana Kheer with Milkmaid.
8.Vrat Wale Aloo Rasedaar:
Aloo Rasedaar
  • It is a potato recipe for Navratri fast, which is eaten specially during Vrat or Fasting.
  • During the nine days festival of Navratri, it is very tough to go without eating salt.
  • In that case, you can use rock salt which also called a Sendha Namak instead of regular iodized salt.


  • It is a delicious vegetarian kebab recipe made during Navratri, try out the kebab-e-kela recipe which is perfect for those nine days.
  • People usually absorb fasting for these nine days of Navratri festival.
  • They only consume satvik food, generally, satvik foods are those made without using onions and garlic.
  • Said that they have a positive effect on your body. Enjoy these Navratri Vrat Recipes.

10.Sweet Lassi:

Sweet Lassi
  • It is a thick Creamy yoghurt drink which is a very popular drink in India and neighbouring countries, and it’s often consumed as a refreshment and even after the meal.
  • Chilled Punjabi Lassi recipe is a feast in summers. Prepare and consume this delicious and creamy beverage easily at home during the Navratri Festival.
  • You don’t have to compromise on your cravings.

Enjoy these delightful Navratri Vrat recipes this festive season and make sure to spread joy and cheer across friends and family.

Let me know in comments If you have tried it at Your home ?

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